Saturday, November 12, 2011

Funny Call of Duty Modern Warfare Prank Guide

An easy do it yourself guide to Rick Roll your friend.  For the PC do this to make it autorun

Next time make a file called Autorun.inf and put this in that file
Add the mw3.ico file for added fun.

For the xbox do this.

Use DvDflick to make it a DVD, which would actual work on an xbox AND autoplay...

This is what the prankee had to say:
Hello, IAmA the friend. This was a birthday present for my brother. He is not a humorous man. He had also never seen this done before, however first hand experience did little to improve the overall effect. I have never bailed so quickly on a prank in my life. To celebrate his birthday he gifted me with life. Overall I enjoyed this prank, because I am still alive.

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