Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chappelle's Show The Worlds Greatest War (Gang Wars)

Chappelle's Show
The World's Greatest Wars
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In this Chapelle's Show its about the Worlds Greatest War the Gang Wars a flashback to how the gang wars started by someone stepping on his shoes. They weren't just any shows they were Nikes and probably most likely Air Force Ones or Jordans. Its told almost like it came from the History Channel and includes history and information about the wars that started back then. It recalls the 19th Street Gangsters and the River Terrace Crew back in Chicago Illinois, a war that began in 1982. It was an intense fight over the sneakers and it started a huge war. Eryl the Snake rallied up his troops to go attack General Cornwall and step on their Shoes. General Cornwall pulled out a gun and shot up everybody which was unheard of that time.

Great play on how people react when someone steps on their shows, it really does happen sometimes, people can really freak out about stuff like that.

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