Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad TV: Easy Bake Oven

One of my favorite skits from the Mad TV crew: The Easy Bake Oven Skit or the real name

Spishak: Hey, It's Oven for Kids! (Episode #812)

Here is the transcript to the episode.
Josh Meyers - Spishak's Spokesman (SS)
Debra Wilson - Mother
Extra 1 - [Black] Daisy 1 (Number 1)
Extra 2 - [Black] Daisy 2 (Number 2)
Extra 3 - [White] Daisy 3 (Number 3)

Spishak's Spokesman : How many times has this happened to you?

(Midget pirate comes out of the fridge and goes in to a cupboard, an alien comes in through the door and goes in the same cupboard with him)

Mother : What the FU--?

Spishak's Spokesman : Ok, how many times has this happened to you?

[Black] Daisy 1 : Mommy, I want to bake a cake in my...

Mother : (whispering) Easy Bake Oven.

[Black] Daisy 1 : Easy...

Mother : (whispering) ...Bake Oven

[Black] Daisy 1 : Um, what?


[Black] Daisy 2 : Mommy, I want to bake a cake in my Easy Bake Oven, but the light bulb blown out.

Mother : Damnit, I guess I have to change the damn bulb.

(reaches in the oven and the bulb blows up in her hand)

Mother : AHH!! DAMNIT! Oh, god.... (takes a puff from cigarette, now normal holding out her burnt hand) Isn't there a child's toy oven that doesn't utilize light bulbs as their methods of their confection?

(in comes the SS)

Spishak's Spokesman : Well, now you can!

[Black] Daisy 2: Who the hell are you?

SS : The Spishak's Spokesman. And I got a new toy so modern and fun that you say goodbye to that old fashioned toy oven.

(SS starts breaking and throwing and tearing up the Easy Bake Oven, the daughter number two starts breaking down and crying)

SS: Now, little Daisy, are you ready for your new toy oven of the future?

(daughter number two still is crying)

Mother : SHUT UP!

SS : Are you ready for your new toy oven of the future?


[White] Daisy 3 : Sure mister, that's sounds fun. (SS breaks out the new oven, leaves mess all over the place)

Mother : Who's cleaning that up?

SS: That's the spirit. It's

Spishaks: Hey, It's Ovens for Kids!

Mother : No more light bulbs?

SS : No more light bulbs.

[White] Daisy 3 : No more light bulbs?

SS : No more light bulbs.

Mother : No more light bulbs?

SS : NO!!... And just like mommy's oven, because it runs on clean burning gas.

Mother : And it's a fact, food cook with natural gas doesn't have that strange electric taste.

[White] Daisy 3 : I wanna try, I wanna try!

SS : Hold on there little Daisy.(background) Mother : Yeah, hold on.

SS : First we have to hook it up.

Mother : Well, that sounds easy enough.

SS : AS easy as one, two, three. One: Unhook your kitchen oven from the gas line.

(foreground: Daisy is unhooking the kitchen oven and moving it; background: SS and Mother having a smoke.)

SS : Two, refasten the gas line to your "Hey, It's Oven for Kids" oven's gas nozzel.

(Daisy unhookng and trying to fit the gas line to the nozzel, doesn't work, gas is running in the background)

[White] Daisy 3 : I don't think it fits very well....

SS : You're insane.... And step three: just light the pilot light with Spishaks "My First Matches" included in the box. (goes over to Daisy) Daisy, don't you want to learn how to light your first match?

[White] Daisy 3 : Okay..

(tries to light the match, not lighting)

SS : Here, let me try...

(house explodes when he lights the match)

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