Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chappelle's Show: The Racial Draft

Chappelle brings you the Racial Draft in this funny skit on the Chappelle's show featuring the Blacks, Jews Latinos, Whites, and Chinese.

This is the first and only racial draft presented in Brooklyn filled with the biggest names in sports and pop culture.

1st Pick: The Blacks choose Tiger Woods, the richest and most dominate athlete. He is now officially 100% black. Probably the funniest quote in the whole skit."So long fried rice hello fried chicken." "I've always wanted to say this fo shizzle"

2nd Pick: The Jews pick Lenny Kravitz, a half black half jewish person.

3rd Pick: The Latinos pick Elian Gonzalez. The latinos didn't want her to be adopted by some white person. The latinos were pretty excited holding signs up reading "Get Tequila"

4th Pick: The Whites pick Colin Powell, someone not even 1/8th white but completely black. The black delegation allows the pick on the condition that they draft Conzaliza Rice. The whites also make a deal for Eminem allowing the blacks to draft OJ Simpson.

5th Pick: The Last pick goes to the Chines. The Asian Delegation pulls a fast one and chooses the entire Wu Tang Clan. Probably the biggest upset in history.

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