Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saving Private Ryan Prank

If you have ever seen Saving Private Ryan then Im sure you will think this is hilarious, even if you haven't its just as good.

"Storming that beach was hell. There were enemy toddlers everywhere. We had to climb over sandcastles 12 inches high as beach balls and frisbees landed all around us. I survived, but we buried several of my friends in the sand."

Could someone tell this kid that he's not in a movie. This person is out of control running around with his plastic gun and crawling through the beach. Even popping a few smokes along the way you know to make it look all that much more hardcore. Some people couldn't take it just stared him off like he was a complete idiot. Let me correct myself, that would be pretty much everyone that saw him. He really got it at the end in the golf course, those golfers sure did tell him off.

You got to watch this it's a classic!

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