Monday, July 27, 2009

MAD TV : They i-Screwed Me Again!

The opening bit of MAD TV (Nov 10, 2007) is a spoof of the iPod sales video, giving Apple the business about upgrade costs. WAY Funny! Superb music and video production by Alfred E. and crew.

I know this video is pretty old but I was remembering back to those old commercials they used to play. This is exactly like me so much because I just got an ipod touch EXACTLY one month ago today. Now there's going to be a new one out in a couple months with a camera and a microphone and now Im screwed. This video reminds me of all the times people buy new stuff and then a few weeks or so later they drop the price or even worse come out with something completely newer. Well what can I say Apple likes i-screwing people.

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