Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Like Food

Written, recorded, and shot within the span of a few days, In The Box Presents I Like Food, a digital short on the importance of food and being awesome.

I like food mother%^$#er, when it goes in my mouth
If you don't believe me now, you can look at my house
That's right motherf%^&$er, I live in a McDonalds
Bacon, egg, and cheese, drinking Coke with my goggles
Two million apple pies, that's a million f#$%ing dollars
Me and this dude here, we're McMotherf%^*ing ballas

Man these ho's be hating with all these orders that we're taking
Bitch get out of my way!

I top it off with Bacon!

Hey Adam, I'm still hungry. Where the hell we snackin now?
We can load up on some gas and go to Taco Bell
We split the Grande Combo, this shit is legit
8 Tacos 2 Burritos, now I gotta take a shit!

Now I'm waiting for Bobb out in the parking lot
Drive the Toyota Prius so the ladies all stop
So many ladies, too many hearts that I'm breaking

They love the way he saves the Earth with his regenerative braking!

Are you OK Bobb? You were looking kind of sick...

I inhaled that chalupa like your mom inhaled MY D@#%!

Not 1, Not 2, but 3 women on me
I can't hold them off, it's like a fucking tsunami
They're flooding my cell with all these numbers that I'm taking
One more thing

We can top it off with BACON!

Sometimes I find I go out of my mind
When I wake you're not there in the morning
And when I wake up I may think lots of stuff
But I know it's alright if you're in me

Little Debbie, snacking on some zebra cakes
This shit is great, wash it down with a f%^$ing steak
It's got stripes like a zebra but it tastes like an angel
I make it disappear with my mouth like Kris Angel

I've got pictures of food, take advantage of my bandwidth
My mom opens the door, I'm having sex with a sandwich

Hanging round with Adam is always more than it seems

Your mom's cleaning up her sheets with my Krispy Kreme dreams

I'm at Subway, at the drive thru window
You know that ho with the pretty voice love my innuendo
I'm spitting my game, it won't be long unless I'm wrong
Until she's shaking salt and pepper on my five dollar foot long!

You hear that ass that she's shaking?
I think I'll take it home and

Now you got to love food with this song!

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