Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Homeless TV: SuperNews!

Is TV headed for homelessness in this era of cutting edge technology? Is the Internet going to kill television?

The TV is really feeling the heat from all those new websites popping up where you can watch TV online, especially this one. The TV is going crazy, poor him he's stuck on the side of the road drinking his precious beer. He's begging people to go back to watching him. Its only that the new computer is taking over the market.

I know this is probably not true at all, I mean there's probably more people watching TV on a TV rather than on a computer, you know that just makes sense. Its very convenient though to be able to click away and watch a show you may have missed last night or the week before. You can watch almost anything on the internet whether it be pirated movies or legit TV shows off the networks website. I truly believe that the TV is going to stay for a long time or at least until I'm able to get a 50 in computer monitor. That would be pretty bad ass and the only way I could think of it happening.

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