Friday, May 1, 2009

Whitest Kids U' Know Sniper Business

In this Whitest Kids U' Know sketch an employee for a business man walks into the boss's office to ask a question. Little does the employee know is that he is caught up in a mini war between two companies and he is right in the middle of it. This is the skit, Sniper Business.

The boss is hiding below the window of the office from a sniper that is posted on the top of a building adjacent to the building. The boss is trying to convince the employee that there really is a sniper but he doesn't believe him. I don't know what this employee is thinking when his boss pulls out a sniper from the couch. The boss calls out one of interns to try and distract the sniper on the building but the intern gets shot up. What a poor intern. I sure wouldn't want to work for this guy, he could maybe send me to get him coffee and the next thing I know I get shot.

The boss uses this as a distraction and starts doing business he pops the guy and calls the company asking about the sniper that they posted on the building. He does a good job of doing business, shooting up his opposing competitor is a good way to not have any more competition. The boss even launches some kind of rocket at the building because the other Business company doesn't want some kind of merger to go through. This man sure does know how to run his business he knows how to play the game.

The employee went on a ride dodging sniper bullets and helping the Boss deal with business. All he wanted was to ask for Friday off to go to a wedding but his boss won't even let him do that.

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