Saturday, May 9, 2009

Twouble with Twitter SuperNews!

I found this new TV series called SuperNews! when I was browsing around Youtube. This new TV show is a cartoon making fun of politics and current events. Most of the videos are about new things that around like twitter, which is the one that is on this post.

Ok, so this videos is making fun of those annoying people that twitter every second of the day. Like I'm standing up, now I'm sitting down. That kind of ridiculousness and pointlessness of twitter. These two people are in the office and the guy in the suit is showing the other one about twitter .

This show is really funny, it shows exactly what twitter is. A pointless social network device where you type in what you are doing. Some people get a little crazy and start twittering like every second of the day. Like the person says"If they were really your friends they would call you personally to see what you are doing." I totally agree with what this man says. Some people are so obsessed with twitter and just start making like friends through the internet. In this video the people start freaking out when he says that they don't have any friends. Its kind of true some people probably just add Ashton Kutcher but he doesn't really know you and who cares what he is doing.
The end of this video is so priceless. The guy hasn't learned a thing and right after the twittershpere goes into chaos this man wants to twitter about his experience. I will post the sequel to this video tomorrow so just watch out for it, its twice as funny.

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