Friday, May 22, 2009

SuperNews! - Social Networking Wars

This is an episode of SuperNews! called Social Networking Wars, the video speaks for itself about its meaning.
Myspace confronts a young fellow who may have been cheating on it with other sites. Soon facebook and others show up for a showdown. Let the social networking wars begin!

This video is pretty funny it shows how stupid those social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace are. In this video Facebook is pictured as a gay social networking website and Myspace is for scanks. As Tom describes the three principles of Myspace it completely makes sense. I mean those three principles skanky pictures, crappy bands, and last but not least profile pages that are a big mess. Its exactly what it is. I mean myspace is pretty much those three things, you got the people always taking pictures of themselves in scanky outfits using a a mirror, then you got those no name bands that just don't know how to make music and then those obnoxious profile pages with so much flashy stuff it will make your eyes bleed.

Facebook is pretty stupid too but I think its alright, the only good thing about it is getting to chat with your friends like you would on aim and playing the fun apps that they have on there. These young man is having a hard time choosing which social network to use, with all these choices like Freindster, Facebook, Second life, and Myspace it really is hard to choose. I think Second Life is the stupidest one out of them all. That thing is a complete waste of time.

The ending is the best this guy avoids them all by turning off the computer. Very funny. The guy ends up not wasting his time on pointless social networking sites which is what I would. Although I sometimes use them I think that its good not to use them to much.

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