Thursday, May 14, 2009

Southpark Mac Vs. PC

Here is a video that is a parody of those stupid Mac Commercials, I'll even say I just recently got a Mac. Im still having trouble working it and all but I'm figuring it out. I have to say that everything that the Southpark people are saying is true. This video shows two people supposed to be Mac and Apple arguing over who's better and messing around with each other.

My personal opinion about computers is that the PC is good for many things because... well, practically everything is built for it (which is why I love them). And Mac is great for its speed and capabilities for artistic programs (which is why I use it instead of PC) Anyway, Mac vs. PC is like pirates vs. ninjas. There will always be a fanbase on both sides anyways. People feel they have to prove that the machine that they bought wasn't a waste of their pocketbook.

So amusing to watch though.

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