Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whitest Kids U' Know Moon Bears

The president makes a speech about these Moon Bears that are going to take over the world. The moon bears are on the United States secret moon base. The bears are loaded with AK-47s and motorcycles.
The skit Moon Bears by the Whitest Kids U' Know.

Funniest Quote- "We wouldn't happen to be invading Iran today would we"

Why this is Funny- This is funny just because of how stupid of an idea that the president is trying to convince everyone to believe. Out of all things, he chooses a way out there idea about these bears that are living on the moon. There is even a picture of the Bears The bears are part of some intergalactic drug cartel. How the hell did they come up with that?
Its funny how the president can elaborate on such a stupid thing and all the reporters are sucked into this lie. Who can be stupid enough to be asking are these Earth bears or lunar bears? You see its stupid but just the way that they say them makes it so funny. The reporters are really interested in it asking so many different questions trying to learn about the Moon Base.
He builds up on the fact that their is Moon Bears but then he gets nailed when asked are We invading Iran today? It just makes the thing make sense.
I think this clip shows a perfect example of how the United States was sucked into fighting the war in the Middle East. Everyone was just ready to go do it but, no one ever thought it through.
President Bush made up some story about Weapons of Terroism but guess what we still haven't found them and its been about six years. He tried to sell us out with some crazy idea and everyone believed it.
Great skit by the Whitest Kids U' Know. Tell me what you think, feel free to post us a comment.

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