Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Onion Star Trek Movie Spoof (Fans)

Its the Onion News Network covering the latest news about the new upcoming Star Trek film. Star Trek fans are upset because the film is actually watchable and didnt seem like a Star Trek film. One person says"I am really really upset the story line made sense." Another person says "If I wanted to see young attractive looking people doing cool things then I would watch sports"

Many fans were upset people were upset because of the heart stopping chases, state of the art CGI, and alien battle scenes that don't look like two guys in terrible make up. They are especially mad with the replacement of William Shatner with the new young actor Chris Pine.

Great overall spoof it seems to fit perfectly with my definition of Star Trek, I really never understood the show. I mean all it really is to me is just a bunch of weird looking people in tights driving space ships and doing some weird stuff. That's just me though, maybe this new Star Trek movie will really end up being good.


  1. WaltsenseMay 06, 2009

    Is that first lady really a lady? She looks more plant of the apes. I actually might go see this now..

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