Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Onion Autoworkers Compete To Keep Jobs, New Reality Show Auto Warriors

There is a new hit reality TV show called Auto Warriors, where two Ford auto manufactures compete against each other to find out who can make the most amount of cars in the least amount of time. The losing plant gets shut down and the winning plant not only wins but they get to keep their pensions and health benefits.

In the sneak preview of the new Auto Warriors show the Diller, Michigan team is up against the Fredricksburg Indiana team to make 1000 Ford Focuses without electricity in 24 hours. Its the Dark Factory Challenge, whoever loses will have to downsize their plant.

The head of the Diller plant, Dennis Hubert and the Vice President of Ford are on the Today Now Show talking about the new Auto Warriors show. They were inspired to create the show because they wanted to see who did the best job of making Ford's Cars. With many twist and turns, like firing half of the workers and working with non-union labor. Want to find out more of Jose then wait for next weeks episode.

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