Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MTV Scarred Skipping Parody

LurkSquad Presents: Mtv Scarred Spoof. This is the full, uncut, uncensored version that aired on Nick Cannon Presents: MTV Short Circuitz! LurkSquad Sketch Comedy Spoof of the show Scarred on MTV. Watch Larry Loco extreme skip his way to a huge fall and get scarred!

Chris Marquis as Jablome
Nick Spears as Larry Loco
Adam Marquis as Larry's Friend

Like all my other videos I was just going around Youtube and I happened across this one. This video is about this extreme skipper Larry Loco and his scarred video that he entered into the Scarred TV show on MTV

Ok so why is this funny, If you watched it you would know what I am talking about this guy is talking about how its so extreme to be skipping. Its probably the most sarcastic video ever. The whole video is getting hyped up on this unusually like sport, not even a sport but something you wouldn't get hurt doing.
This video is just great the guy just looks so funny with that wig on with his blue hat and sunglasses. Just as he's telling his story it just is funny. Its showing clips of his extreme skipping moves, you know he's got the ones where he's skipping stair the whole you know extreme skipping moves. This guy unfortunately is not that great of an extreme skipper he totally wiped out trying to do the Bruce Lee Jump Kick. He spun out of control the incline was too steep. Its a good thing he tried this stunt, he revolutionized the Extreme Skipping Movement.

Very funny video if you like scarred then you are going to love it.
If you hate Scarred then you will probably love it more.

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