Thursday, May 21, 2009

MTV Scarred Parody Major Hot Wheelin

LurkSquad Sketch Comedy brings you the sequel to their first hit MTV Scarred Spoof... Jablome is back to introduce some big wheeling to the max of sick!! Watch Mitch Miller go for some major Hot Wheeling!!
Sick!! Super sick!!

Ok so you've watched this video and hopefully got a good laugh out of it. I know its pretty stupid but that's the reason that its funny. I mean you see this guy with this weird brown hair and this blue shirt that he can barely fit into his belly is hanging out. This guy is all hyped up about this sport Hot Wheeling. Did you know he's been hot wheeling it since he was like three and a halve? This guy has got game though man you can tell he's gotten a lot of practice in. He can do some pretty sick spin outs, flips and all kinds of crazy stuff.

This guy wasn't prepared enough though. When he was attempting to do a stunt, jumping a three foot ramp, he totally wiped out. It was an insane stunt, like he says it was a rookie mistake. You know he should of been prepared Hot wheeling is a pretty intense sport, you have to be prepared or else you could wipe out like this man

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