Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mad TV United Airlines Parody

This is a sketch put on by Mad TV. The skit is basically in an airport at the terminal section.

The actor playing the attendant in this video is Cloret (Debra Wilson). She is an unenthusiastic, lazy, depressed woman who routinely takes on customer service jobs. When she gets mad she dons a distinctively wide-eyed look and finds the nearest microphone to shout into. She only appeared in two sketches including this one.

This video is funny because because of the attendants unenthusiastic voice and actions. Just listen to here in the very first part when she's talking to the man that's complaining about missing his flight. Then when this other lady comes up to get her bags checked. You know how any other video goes they start making fun of each other and then they start kind of fighting each other. There is some pretty funny jokes in there and some pretty funny insults that they exchange with each other.
Not only is there funny jokes but, the way that the flight attendants talks is hilarious especially when she says security.
My favorite part has to be at 2:33. The United Airlines ladies face is just priceless in the video you just got to love that. Great video, hope you enjoy it!

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