Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Immigration Debate SuperNews!

The immigration debate blows up when the Pilgrims protest limitations to their rights in America...

This video takes you back to the pilgrims time and shows you how the Indians and crackers as the Indians called them interacted with each other. This video is directly related to Illegal Mexican immigrants. Its so funny how they are able to relate the pilgrims to the Indians. The things that the pilgrims did directly relate to what the Mexicans do, in a funny way. The Indians make the pilgrims make them register for a junior scout card. The borders are getting crossed every day by more foreigners.

Of course the ending is the funniest these eagles have to come to help solve the differences between the colonists and the Indians. Its funny because the birds are all like high or something. "Just chill man" That's the best part especially how he says it maybe these birds came from California or something. Thanks to those Bald Eagles immigration has never been a problem in America.

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