Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chappelle's Show The Matrix Prank

This is the episode Real Movies- The Matrix on the Chappelle's Show. This is a great little office prank that they pull on this man.

This office worker is sitting in his little cubicle at his desk when he gets a package with a phone and then a phone call from the guy in the Matrix, Morpheus. Neo, or the office guy is all freaked out because on the phone call Morpheus says that the people are after him. The office worker is freaking out walking really stupidly and like tripping out. Morpheus gives him directions to avoid them and get to safety. The men are chasing after him all the while this guy is running around the office trying to avoid them.

The office worker is so convinced it's real, and gets so into it he's like freaking out. The man Morpheus leads him right to his desk so that he can ask him a question. He says there's a black man to the left and it ends up being him pulling the prank the whole time. The person asks, Can I borrow your stapler? Very funny prank imagine if that really had happened, but I doubt anyone is that stupid.


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    hell yeah

  2. excellent manner to do a prank, is not only the way to have a little funny time, but also a way to do something with one of the most great movies sagas in this world as The Matrix, now wnjoy this video and laugh until dead, do you want to know what is the matrix? well looking this video and make your own answers.