Friday, April 10, 2009

Whitest Kids U' Know Call of Duty Spoof

Another sketch by the Whitest Kids U Know, this time its a sketch making fun of playing Call of Duty. Really funny the most notable line is when Dabears is talking to his mom asking to get a peanut and jelly sandwich "Here's the plan, on the count of 3, you take out that sniper, DABEARS and I will go after the machine gunners." - "MOM" - "DABEARS!" - "Mom can I have a sandwich?" - "DABEARS shut up!" - "I don't know, peanut butter and Jelly" - "***** christ DABEARS" - "What?" "Shut up and play the ***** game!" "I'm getting my mom to make me a sandwich guys".

A perfect spoof and parody of those little kids you will find when you play on Xbox live or the Playstation Network. You hear their annoying voices yelling at their moms to go get them a drink or food. This Call of Duty Spoof represents what you would see online in video games perfectly and is entirely funny.

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