Saturday, April 11, 2009

Whitest Kids U' Know Abraham Lincoln's Assasination

What really happened to Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre. A sketch by the Whitest Kids U' Know show how Abraham Lincoln was really assasinated at the Ford Theatre, watching the play Hamlet by Shakespeare.
In this skit they are watching the play when the president, Abe Lincoln is getting all into it and says Oh no hamlet turn around there is a vampire and makes a bunch of annoying comments and won't be quiet. This man in the play tries to tell up Abraham Lincoln and then Lincoln starts cussing him out.

That all leads up to his death. The man in the audience gets so annoyed by the president talking so much so he goes up into his little booth and beats him up with a metal hammer. The real death of Abraham Lincoln, getting beat by a hammer in the butt. It was really to embarrassing for historians to say what really happend so they had to do a cover up with another story.

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  1. Why did you have to narrate this?