Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night Live Steve Martin Jeopardy 1999

Its Jeopardy 1999 with the host Artf14 (Steve Martin). Art is dressed up in some weird Star trek looking suit with a white afro. The show is supposed to be set int the future and you can tell by the way they talk and dress. One of the contestant Danny m125 wants to use the money he wins to defrost his died mom. The other two contestants are Loraine a270 and Lee P413.

The whole show is filled with some pretty funny and weird questions that are very futuristic. The categories that are played for the Jepoardy Game are Medicine, Movies, TV, U.S. History, Mutant Viruses, and Nuclear Accidents. One of the weird questions on the Jeopardy is "The 1st president to kill himself in office". Wait until the you get to the commercial part, you have to see what they are trying to sell. Overall this is a pretty good episode of the Jeopardy Show for Saturday Night Live but, my favorite ones are the Celebrity Jeopardy which I will soon post. So just wait for the Celebrity Jeopardy Episodes they are a must see!

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