Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday Night Live State of the Union Address

Sorry for the commercial that is in the video but just wait 15 seconds so you don't miss one of the best Saturday Night Live skits ever.

Saturday Night Live presents a possible glimpse of our future, their take on George Bush's State of the Union Address which I have to say is a fairly accurate representation. It was a terrible stereotype of Texans but a funny one I have to say.

When the State of the Address skit begins it shows the oval office and the Desk with George W Bush hiding underneath it. The desk it littered with beer cans, has a little barbecue pit with a huge flame, and tons of crumpled up papers. He can be heard saying that he doesn't want to go out and talk because he is afraid that he will get yelled at by all of America. They do a great job of making him look extremely stupid saying that he broke the hoover damn, and that now the Great Lakes are on fire.
He pulls out a map that shows that California is now a island, Texas is owned by the Soviet Union, and that the Great Lakes are on fire all thanks to his good job being president.

Then he goes on saying that Dick Cheney will be able to help him out and be able to help America out, but what Bush doesn't know is that he got shot because someone thought he was an animal. Then Bush goes on telling this elaborate story about how Ostrich meat is going to help the country.
A great ploy on George Bush you have to say. You got to love Saturday Night Live they can make some pretty funny stuff.

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