Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Night Live The Rock Obama

This is a short little skit by Saturday Night Live titled the Rock Obama. This skit is making fun of President Obama's calmness and is all based on trying to get Obama mad. These three senators come in trying to tell President Obama that his spending bill is a bad idea. The three senators are making fun of Obama saying that they dont want America to drift into socialism, that he has been president for almost seven weeks and the economy has gotten worse, and that its all up to President Obama to fix it all. His advisor or someone is trying to get Obama mad. "Get angry, get angry"

Now guess what happens Obama gets angry. When he gets angry he turns into the Rock Obama and starts turning into a hulk like person. The Rock Obama starts getting more buff and his clothes and shoes get all torn up. The best line is "Oh my God what happened" What happened was you made Barack Obama angry and when he gets angry he turns into the Rock Obama"
Funny skit making fun of politicians. The Rock Obama is quite intimidating with his new big size. Funny skit you have to see their reaction to Rock Obama.

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