Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Point Counter Point- Gun Control Whitest Kids U' Know

A skit done by the Whitest Kids U' Know making fun of those stupid news shows called Point Counter Point where they are always arguing stupid points. In this news show Point Gun Point these two people are arguing over gun control. There is the hunter who is against gun control of course and then the news man that wants gun control.

The skit starts out with the two people sitting at a desk arguing over the ideas of gun control and banning handguns. The first thing that the hunter says is that if they banned handguns then they would only be taking it away from the good citizens and people that followed the law. He goes on saying that hunters need the pistols to track down the deer if it goes into a warehouse or into the city. A really ridiculous reason but, really funny. Then they go on to talk about what is the need for armor peircing bullets, which the hunter replies saying that if some crazy teenagers go into the woods and strap a bullet proof vest onto the beer what would they do. Nothing because its an invincible beer because it has armor. The hunter then starts saying that if the guns are banned how would they stop the beers from attacking people. Of course the newsman says that you could use a boulder. Funny.

Man I had to laugh there a perfect example of how those crazy news shows can get sometimes just having the worst arguments and their stupid ideas. Great skit, especially the baby skull seeking bullets thing that happened at the end.

Great video please feel free to comment and share your thoughts of the video. Did you like it? Was it funny?


  1. i thought that was pretty funny

  2. OMG, love it! But now, you have to come over to visit me as you've been TAGGED! See how it works

  3. TheApplianceGuruApril 30, 2009

    What an ending! Kind of sick and twisted, but funny none the less.

  4. Haha awesome