Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mad Tv Criss Angel

Mad Tv - Criss Angel Mindfreak3 by metora83

This video shows how Criss Angel really works with his magic tricks. I love the guys voice its just so funny especially in the opening credits doing all that weird mind trick stuff. The best is how the actors are constantly stressing that they weren't paid, how they are random ordinary everyday people, and how it wasn't rehearsed. This video perfectly shows how Criss Angel really does his tricks and does a really good job of making fun of it. The audience already has the items like the hammer and somehow the curtain. Normally i carry around a shower curtain it can be really handy when I happen to see Criss Angel and he needs my help performing magic tricks.

The best part of the video though is Flavor Flav. He just adds some stupidness into the video. Although he gets really annoying saying Flavor Flav all the time its pretty funny.

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