Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mad Tv Neverland Ranch Song

Funniest song ever making fun of Michael Jackson. This song is all about Michael Jackson's Ranch, Neverland Ranch and messing with little kids. The beat is pretty tight and the lyrics are great.

Parody of Holiday Inn
Michael Jackson played by Aries Spears
Chingy played by Jordan Peele

Kids- Where we goin?
Michael Jackson- We’re all goin to the Neverland Ranch
Kids- How come?
Michael Jackson- Cause you’re parents payed 10grand in advance
Kids- What’ll we do there?
Michael Jackson- Watch movies and maybe slow dance.
Now put on these pajamas and get out those pants.
Chingy- I went to Neverland, and let me tell you the story.
If you added up they ages it was still statutory.
Michael Jackson was my idol way back when I was little
Now all he does is fake he’s white and look for kids to diddle
He says to make a wish like it was a datin’ service
I’m surprised that when the parents see him, they don’t all get nervous
Michael Jackson- The elephant man’s bones aren’t the only bones I bought.
Remember that kid in 93? His silence cost a lot

Chingy- What you thinkin’?
Michael Jackson- Nothin much, I’m just like Peter Pan, is that weird?
Chingy- Hell Yeah, you’re a full grown man, did you get that?
Michael Jackson- Hey look, I’m in the same square as Jan
Chingy- Better get your life together, while you’re at it, get a tan
Look all you parents, you gotta tell me why go
And send your child to a freak with vidiligo
You know he’s a molestor, you heard the news reports
Are you settin up your kids, so you can settle outta court?
Michael Jackson- My home is an amusement park, with a big water slide
Kids love the ferris wheel, then they take the zipper ride
I never had a childhood just tryin to spread the love
Chingy- All you spread is hush money with that dirty glitter glove
Michael Jackson- Where you goin?
Kids- We’re all leaving from the Neverland Ranch
Michael Jackson- But there’s candy
Kids- We’re getting out while we still have the chance
Michael Jackson- Look a monkey
Kids- You’re not getting in our pants
Michael Jackson- *the scream* Can you blame a fella for lookin for romance?

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