Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mad Tv John Madden Popcorn Popper Comercial

Mad Tv does a funny comercial about this Popcorn Popper. John Madden is trying to do a commercial for the Quick Pop Popcorn Popper, but everything seems to go wrong with him. He has to keep doing retakes because he can't open up this popcorn butter packet, his chubby hands weren't meant for opening up popcorn. The football coaching legend and heavyman John Madden can't open up the Popcorn popper its really funny. Everything keeps going wrong for him after many attempts at trying to open it he starts cussing out the assistant, Fred. He eventually gives up on that, if he was smart he could of used scissors but oh well. Madden turns on the machine and he gets electrocuted. That's not the worst though he keeps burning himself all over the machine and gets his hands all burnt up and his arms. The best part though is when he goes to what he Knows best using the football line thing (whatever that would be called) and starts marking all over the screen how you would use it.

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