Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Ol' Restaurant Pimp

Jamie Kennedy plays a hilarious part in this episode of Jamie Kennedy Experiment. In this episode, Ol' Restaurant Pimp Jamie Kennedy plays the role of the Owner of an Italian Restaurant. Jamie plays as this old, unattractive looking person trying to ask this man to let him have his wife for a few moments.

He goes over to the table where the couple is sitting and starts talking to the women and flirting with her right in front of her boyfriend. He starts talking about the food making funny remarks about the food. Jamie Kennedy even goes to far as to start feeding her in the restaurant, what an Ol' Pimp he is. I'm surprised that the boyfriend didn't try to do anything, especially when he feed her the oyster. When he feeds the oyster Kennedy says your like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner. He makes even more funnier remarks singing a song about two meatballs and going on with that.

Jamie goes on trying to get the women, he even tries to get the boyfriend to let him buy an hour of the girls time. What a pimp, right? Man that guy is really loyal he denied it even after the Ol' Restaurant Pimp offered 50,000 dollars to have 15 minutes of his girls time.
What a loyal person. Funny video that you don't want to miss, its a great little clip and skit.


  1. god can't believe that guy didnt try to do anything to that restaurant guy