Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Meet the Parents

In this episode, Meet the Parents of Jamie Kennedy Experiment Jamie plays the dad of this girl that is out on spring break. This guy is talking to the daughter of Jamie and she takes him up to their hotel suite to go do a little something. They are both going in the hotel room when she goes to take a shower. Jamie comes out looking like this really old ugly looking man and starts talking to the man that the daughter brought up.

The boy is really nervous and like freaked out by the father. The father keeps asking him what he was going to do with his daughter. The father even goes so far to bring out this doll called Woody to talk to the man. Jamie does a terrible job trying to be a ventriloquist and talking to the boy. He even asks the other person if they want to talk to him with another doll thing that's a sock puppet. This person doesn't use the sock puppet, thank god but there was someone so stupid to use it and talk to the dad. It even gets more awkwarder when the mom comes and starts talking to them.
See what happens when the parents find out what is going on. You don't want to miss it, it is a hilarious clip. Enjoy!

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