Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Lifeguard Bathroom Break

In this sketch Jamie Kennedy plays as a lifeguard in a public pool. Everyone is all playing in the pool jumping around in it and swimming. Jamie Kennedy has to take an unexpected bathroom break, and so closes the pool down for a couple of minutes. While everyone is making there way out of the pool Jamie is going into the pool.

Everyone is watching the lifeguard go jump into the pool like he is crazy and they are all getting grossed out by it. Jamie does a great job of acting like he's peeing in the pool. He spends almost a minute or two of just peeing into the pool. He does all these faces with his mouth like he's so relaxed and he's so relieved that he got it out. The funny part is that as he slowly walks out of the pool is that all the people are staring at him like he's crazy and laughing at him.
Jamie Kennedy calmly says the pool is now open and blows his whistle. I wonder if the people ever got back into the pool they would have to be crazy if they did. Great prank and sketch props out to Jamie Kennedy and his show Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

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