Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Las Vegas Wedding Prank

This is one of my all-time favorites of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment Shows, its the Las Vegas Wedding Prank. In this episode of Jamie Kennedy Experiment this man sets up his mom, dad, and a few of his other siblings that he is going to marry this girl(Jamie Kennedy), in Las Vegas. His parents and siblings are all freaked out and believe that he is truly going to marry this person 100%.

His parents ask to see the bride and who she is because the parents have no idea who this girl is, since he met here at the club in Las Vegas. The Moms Reaction to seeing the bride is so priceless. The mom starts freaking out and asking if he's drunk. His relatives are all surprised and in shock about how this girl is and start drinking a bunch of tequila, brandy, and beer.

After doing their vows and they do the part where you say if the couple shouldn't be together Scott's mom takes him to the side and starts talking to him about Katie (the bride). She keeps trying to convince Scott not to marry the girl, but it doesn't work. During the wedding the parents get so mad they get up and leave the wedding. It takes Scott a long time for him to convince his parents to come back to the wedding while the bride is talking to Scott's sister. The whole episode is amazingly funny with a whole ton of drama. All the people are just so upset and wierded out that Scott would want get married to this lady. It is just to great not to watch.
Enjoy the Show, its way worth it!

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