Monday, April 20, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Bliss Cult

Jamie and Freddie Prinze Jr. convince wannabe actors to follow them in worshipping a robot named "Bliss". Really the this episode of Jamie Kennedy Experiment is about this cult, the Bliss Cult where they worship a robot. When they worship him they give up their most valuable things to the robot in return for infinite knowledge and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Its so funny Jamie Kennedy tries to convince these people that they should join the cult and tries to get them to sign this contract that says they would give themselves up to the bliss cult. Freddie Prinze Jr. tries to convince the actors and people that the Bliss Cult was able to help him get into his movie. All the cult followers bring in their valuable items because they think that Bliss will help them out.

They both try as hard as they can to convince them to join the Bliss Cult. The cult that is basically about scientology. Great video and just think about this before watching. Do you think anyone would be crazy enough to join?

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