Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chappelle's Show Zapped

Chappelle's Show
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Zapped is a sketch about him making his hidden camera show, similar to Punk'd, based on his unaired show The Dave Chappelle Project in 1997, which he was sued for. This sketch is about him pulling pranks on other people, and after they have a negative reaction, he would say that they've been zapped; though in addition, someone gets hurt or their lives ruined. One part of "Zapped" plays a prank on a man who comes home from work to find his wife 'cheating' on him with Chappelle. The man, enraged at his wife's infidelity, confesses that he himself has been sleeping with his secretary for years; to which Dave happily reveals the truth behind the prank. In another part of "Zapped," Dave and his cohorts go to a local bank to stage a robbery. After taking everyone hostage, shooting a man, and taking the money, Dave again exclaims "YOU'VE BEEN ZAPPED!" and reveals the ruse. What Dave didn't know was that somebody had already called the police; who then enter the bank and shoot one of the pranksters.

In this episode of Zapped Chappelle is at the Hospital pretending to be a doctor and freaking these kids out. He comes out of the operating room with bloody scrubs on. The whole show is almost like a parody of Punk'd except its Punk'd to the next level. In another of the clip Zapped its Operation Hold Up. Chappelle goes into a bank with assault rifles and Uzis pointed in the air. The bank robbery goes bad when they start shooting people. Then one of the cops shoots one of the gangsters int the leg.

You've Been ZAPPPED!


  1. funniest skit ever by chappelle

  2. the hospital was actually my dads old office in new jersey