Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chappelle's Show The World Series of Dice

Chappelle's Show
The World Series of Dice
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The World Series of Dice

The Marcy Projects in Brooklyn become the staging ground to see who's the champion shooter. Its all set up to look like they are doing a show for ESPN except its with the game of dice and its the World Series. Some of the greatest dice players have all come together to compete for the grand prize. You got Grits N' Gravy from Kansas City Missouri, Phyuck Yui from Asia, Leonard Washington from none of your business, and Ashy Larry because he ashy. Ashy loses on the first roll of the dice and his wife comes to yell at him for stealing her money. Grits N' Gravy starts getting a bunch of sevens but instead of wasting time he goes all in gets snake eyes and loses all his money.

The game gets robbed by a bunch of people. Leonard Washington tries to protect his money by saying he would have to get shot before he would give him his money. That's exactly what happens he gots shot right in the leg.

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