Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chappelle's Show True Hollywood Stories Rick James Part 1

Chappelle's Show
True Hollywood Stories - Rick James Pt. 1

This is probably the Chappelle's Show's most popular episode. In this skit Charlie Murphy (who also wrote the sketch) retells events of the 1980s involving Rick James with Murphy playing himself and Chappelle as James, including incidents such as James punching Murphy in the forehead, resulting in a reverse imprint of the word UNITY on it, and Murphy retaliating. The sketch is interspersed with present-day scenes of the real Rick James explaining his past behavior, saying, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug!" The sketch spawned one of the show's popular catchphrases, "I'm Rick James, b$%#!", which Chappelle as James repeatedly declares. Being split into parts, it is the longest skit to be featured on the show.

The incident in the sketch in which Rick James grinds his muddy boots on Eddie Murphy's couch was made into a song, twice, entitled "F^&% Yo' Couch Nigga". One song was made by a rap group in Chicago, while another was made by Champ Bailey, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Both songs make multiple references to the sketch.

The sketch attained even greater public attention when, in 2004, a candidate for city council in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, also named Rick James but unrelated to the singer, had many of his "Vote Rick James" campaign signs defaced or stolen by fans of the sketch.
While on one of his stand-up shows, Chappelle left the stage for a moment when audience members kept reciting the lines from the sketch as well as the catchphrase. He later came back on stage and stated his disagreement of with the audience and how his show "ruining his life" because his preference of stand-up.
I'll post the 2nd part of this video in a while so just sit tight it'll be here sooner or later.

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