Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chappelle's Show Dave Chappelle on MTV Cribs

Chappelle's Show
Dave on MTV Cribs
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Dave Chappelle goes onto the hit tv show MTV Cribs, a show where celebrities go on to show off their pricey mansions and million dollar houses. Chappelle goes on the show wearing this fancy robe made out of bald eagle and white panda. He makes many remarks saying how expensive his house is and how he's so rich. He says that his chandelier is worth two million dollars. You know how in the show they always have Jordans and Dunks well Dave Chappelle has his own sweatshop with the Chinese and Asians working for him making his own shoes and clothes.

He even has a t-rex egg, there is only about two of them in the whole world and he owns both of them. He ends up eating it.
Wonder how that tasted? A great play on one of the stupendous shows ever MTV Cribs although it is kind of cool to see celebrities houses and their expensive belongings.

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