Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chappelle's Show Black Bush Parody

Chappelle's Show
Black Bush
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The Chappelle's Show's take on President Bush if he was a black person. A great parody on George in general and a funny take on how he would be. The sketch makes fun of the some of the many stupid decisions that George Bush made. It makes fun heavily of the War Against Iraq and The War on Terrorism.

"An African-American "interpretation" of George W. Bush and his administration. It was controversial due to its set-up segment and its overall theme that if Bush and his top aides were black, that the public would be more willing to be critical of the President and his decisions. The sketch also features cameo appearances by actor Jamie Foxx, who appears as "Black Tony Blair" and Mos Def as "Black Head of the CIA" holding "Yellowcake from Africa (Anthony Berry's character warns the other not to "drop that shit", though it is clearly just yellow cake).

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