Monday, April 13, 2009

The Amazing Racist Illegal Immigrants Mexican

Here is a short little bit of information about Ari Shaffir the man that made the videos and about the videos. Ari Shaffir (born 1974) is a Jewish-American comedian, writer and actor currently living in Los Angeles, California. Shaffir is probably most well known for a series of comedy works entitled The Amazing Racist (the title is a play on that of reality television show The Amazing Race). In these shorts the Amazing Racist is seen acting in a manner which is overtly racist. Shaffir filmed many of his offensive encounters for the DVD National Lampoon's Lost Reality.

Shaffir has been accused of promoting racial hate through his videos. Yeah he is a strong hater you can tell from his videos. In this prank Ari Shaffir drives a bunch of Mexicans around in the back of his pick-up truck. He drives crazily over the speed bumps and makes jokes about them and hateful comments. In the beginning he makes a comment about how Mexicans will work for anything and how they are like animals. This guy is amazingly funny but at the same time a little bit too racist. Shaffir ends up taking the whole group of Mexicans to the Los Angeles Immigrant Center.
That's crazy they all jump out of the truck and sprint away in full speed trying to get away. You got to see the video to understand the funnyness of the moment. Ari gets out of the car blowing a whistle while a whole group of Mexicans are running as fast as they can in all directions.

The Amazing Racist the title tells it all great video.


  1. wow this video made me cry I can not believe a JEWISH man gives that treat to any human being he obviously does not care about all the things his people suffer during WWII No Mexican would dare to make fun of that and that is because they have feelings and they understand the suffering and struggle other people has to go trough just to get a better life, the only funny thing in this stupid video was when the Meican wants to kick his motherfucking ass and he panics, what a lack of balls. I hope he dies in a very racist way.

  2. calm your pussy down. Im mexican and that immigrant video is hilarious and all other videos of his. how does he lack balls when he does all that shit he has more balls than you. all you're doing is talking shit over the internet. plus wouldn't you be scared to get jumped and killed, I guaranteed your a bigger pussy

  3. That douchebag is a first class turdmuffin.