Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mad Tv Mcdonalds Fat Ass It

Mcdonalds makes the new Fat Ass It meal size. If a supersize size isn't enough for you then get the new Mcdonalads Fat Ass It size, for all the fat asses out there. Its a fatties dream a humongous size of the food they love the most Mcdonalds. All the greasy and fatty foods in a new size.
Funny Stuff!!

Here is a transcript to the video:

Ebby- Debra Wilson
Customer #1- Michael McDonald
Customer #2- Stephnie Weir
Customer #3- Bobby Lee
Customer #4- Aries Spears

Ebby: Hi and Welcome to McDonald's. May I help you?

Customer #1: Uh, Yes. I'd like a Big Mac, a large order of fries, and a large coke.

(Ebby brings out the food)

Customer #1: Are you sure this is a large?

Ebby: Hmmmm. Would you like me to super size that for you?

Customer #1: Please.

(Food magically turns into a super size meal)

Customer #1: Well, that's better but it still doesn't look like enough food.

Ebby: How 'bout I FATASS it for ya?

(Food magically turns into a GIANT sized meal)

Customer #1: Wow! That's one bad ass meal.

Ebby: No. That's one fatass meal.

Narrator: Introducing new McDonald's FATASS meals.

Customer #2: Hi. I'd like a fatass delux with bacon, two filet-o- fatass sandwitches, and one fatass kids meal.

(Customer #2 and her kid takes their food and sits down)

Narrator: It's no secret. Americans are prouder to be bigger, better, and fatter than anyone else on the planet. So the next time you're at McDonald's, don't just supersize it, FATASS it.

Customer #3: I'll have a 60 piece chicken McNugget combo, and uh, FATASS all 60.

Customer #4: (looking behind) Now that's what I call one fatass meal...

(A large woman with a giant ass walks by)

Customer #4: And you know I ain't talkin' 'bout the food. (winks)

Jingle plays: We love to see your fatass smile.

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