Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mad Tv C.R.A.P 50 Cent Parody

Parody on 50 Cent's P.I.M.P. He finally makes sense singing about movies that are sh... crap.
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Music video: C.R.A.P. (#901)

Based on 50 cent's P.I.M.P. Aries spears as 50 cent

Aries Spears: The pain of getting shot nine times doesnt equal than the pain of sitting and watching all these stupid ass sequels.

That Legally Blonde Ho should give back her diploma the 2 bad boys should go back to a coma (or something like that).
2 fast 2 furious was a waist of 90 minutes the only good thing was Vin Deasel wasnt in it, Spy Kids just has to be stopped the girl got boobies the boys balls are dropped,

American wedding really made my ass sick how many places can that white boy put his dick? Charlie's Angels 2, man them bitches really stunk Demi Moore should stay retired cause we all just got punk'd

(Chorus) There wasnt one good summer movie except that about the fishes in the sea even Angelina Jolie was not a pile of C.R.A.P.

Terminator 3 didnt get my vote, hope he gets beat by that kid from Different Strokes

Dumb and Dumberer the moment it started by the time it was threw the audience was retarted.

Jim Carey was to busy preaching to somebody I like to yank the teeth out of cockle smiling whitey. And where he get the ho from Friends with the plastic rack, the only thing that wasnt crap was that god was black.

Jason vs. Freddie I like to chop it up and put it in my spaghetti.

What was with Eddie Murphy trying to play a nanny go back to whatcha know go pick up a tranny.

I went to see hulk and I felt like a chump it looked like Ang Lee took a big green dump

I saw Gigli or whatever the f*ck you call it I call it piece of crap took 10 bucks from my wallet, I mean seriously whatever happened to strong characters people died on and followed the 3- act story DAM!

(Chorus) There wasnt one good summer movie someone put another bullet in me gone stay away from this marques gonna stick with my Madtv.

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