Friday, March 27, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Judge Jamie (Case of the Bad Door Job)

For all of you who don't understand the show well here is a explanation. In the show, Kennedy travels across the U.S. and finds people to participate in on-camera practical jokes ("experiments"). Usually there is at least one accomplice (who is in on the joke) and the "mark" or victim of the prank (usually a friend or relative of the accomplice). Kennedy dons one of several disguises and assumes a character of his own creation to be part of the gag, often using a different voice. The mark then finds himself in some bizarre, unbelievable situation. When it appears that the mark has had as much nonsense as he can tolerate, Kennedy delivers his punchline: "You've been X'ed!".

In this episode Jamie Kennedy plays as "Judge Jamie". He pretends to be as confusing as possible mixing up his words and saying all kinds of wacked out stuff trying to piss of the people on trial. Its really funny he even makes the people confused by being so confusing. If you liked this video and want to watch some more episodes of Jamie Kennedy Experiment click here.

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