Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Experiment Hit It or Quit It

In this episode of Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Jamie plays as a kinda nerdy type of person, and goes on this dating show. He goes on this show Hit It or Quit It and goes out with this girl. Its really funny because he still lives with his parents and has his own room inside filled with nerdy stuff like Star Trek videos. All nerds have to have Star Trek and Jamie does. Jamie goes into the house and when the girl finds out he lives with his parents its hilarious, his parents even make dinner for him and his date. The whole show Hit It or Quit It is filled with drama, his grandma makes fun of him and his brother is trying to get his date from the TV show. His brother tries to get the girl (the person getting Xed)to go to his party. I am currently trying to find the complete clip of this video and when I do I'll post it up here, so just wait for it. The end of it is well worth it.

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