Sunday, July 10, 2011

Commercial Parodies: Mighty Putty Dub!

You all have heard those boring old informercials done by Billie Mays. You may have even heard of Mighty Putty, but aren't you bored of those lame dry commercials.

Now you can repair any job big or small, thanks to Mighty Putty™. Mighty Putty™ is great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements! The easy way to fix, fill and seal almost any surface and make it last. Mighty Putty™ is a powerful bonding epoxy stick that you can mold to any shape and can apply to any surface for an everlasting bond. Simply cut, activate and apply...then all you do is let it dry.
For only $19.99 and $8.95 shipping and handling, you'll receive 2 sticks of Mighty Putty™ and as an additional bonus, we'll triple your order! Giving you a total of 6 powerful sticks! Seal leaks in an instant, rebuild tools, fill cracks in ceilings or floors and many more!

This is an informercial with a twist. A voiceover is done by a fellow youtuber who puts his own spin on the commercial. It can haul optimus prime, it can save you trouble, it can save your shower, it can do anything those old epoxies can't.

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